The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 3, 2013

Man arrested for allegedly assaulting son of girlfriend

By Dan Nienaber
The Free Press

MANKATO — Felony charges have been filed against a 39-year-old Mankato man who is accused of beating his girlfriend’s 4-year-old son, throwing the boy and kicking a love seat on top of him.

Miguel Angel Beltran walked into the Mankato Public Safety Center last week with his girlfriend, Kinzie Keim. She told an officer she wanted to turn Beltran in for assaulting her son.

Keim told the officers the couple had been living in Chicago and moved to Mankato about five months ago. She said she works during the day while Beltran watches her children, her son and a 2-year-old girl. When Keim called home at lunch time Monday, Beltran told her he had lost control and assaulted the boy.

“She advised at one point while her 4-year-old was lying on the floor he slammed a couch on top of the child,” according to the criminal complaint.

Beltran was taken into custody and interviewed by a detective. The complaint said Beltran provided a detailed description of what happened:

It was about 9 a.m. Monday morning when Beltran “just lost it” with the boy. He couldn’t remember any specific incident that made him snap, but he did say the boy didn’t do anything wrong.

Beltran said he grabbed the boy in the upper arm area and “threw” him under a mattress that was lying in the living room. He then kicked a love seat over the top of the child before jumping on top of the small couch. He said the boy was in the seat area of the chair and there was some cushioning from the mattress.

At that point Beltran pulled the boy out by his legs and “threw” him onto a larger couch. When he demonstrated what happened, he showed the detective that he lifted the boy over his head before throwing him. Beltran then told the officer he was holding the boy by his neck and his legs.

When the boy was interviewed, he was apprehensive and would speak in a whisper, the complaint said. The boy had numerous bruises, red marks and scrapes on his body.

Officers made a request for the boy’s medical records, but they were not available before Beltran was charged, the complaint said.

Beltran remained in jail Friday. He was facing felony charges of second-degree assault and domestic assault by strangulation and a gross misdemeanor charge of malicious punishment of a child.