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November 15, 2013

Update: Stabbing incident shocks MSU students

Non-student stabbed in hand; no arrests made

MANKATO — A gruesome scene unfolded Friday on the Minnesota State University campus with a stabbing incident in a dorm room.

MSU officials immediately issued an alert notice around 3:30 p.m. and locked down the scene while the Mankato Police Department investigated.

A trail of splattered blood lead from the scene of the incident on the second floor of G wing in the McElroy residence hall. The trail lead down the eastern stairs, across the door and outside onto the sidewalk.

Students from other floors continued to enter the dorm as police investigated, with several leaping away from the stairwell doors when they noticed the blood patterns on the concrete.

When asked, these students said they had been unaware of the stabbing incident.

MSU officials have confirmed the stabbing involved a non-student receiving a non-life- threatening laceration to his hand in the G wing. The university said it notified students and parents per its procedures for incidents like this. The “shelter alert” was lifted about 5 p.m., according to university spokesman Dan Benson..

Mankato Police Department official said the incident is under investigation but a suspect was not in custody.

Witnesses at the scene said they heard the victim was the boyfriend of a girl living the dorm.

Lili Kovac, an student who lives on the floor, said she believes the victim was stabbed in the girl’s room. She said she witnessed a loud argument in the room and a man fleeing the scene.

“I saw the girl crying a lot and grabbing paper towels to stop the bleeding,” said Kovac.

The names of the suspect, victim and others involved was not known Friday evening.

Several students from other floors of G wing said they were shocked by the incident. Other students said they were not concerned by the incident.

One visibly crying student who was attempting to step over the blood on the sidewalk said she was “really, really scared.” She declined to give her name, but said she did not live on the second floor.

MSU employees were seen cleaning the blood from the second floor and the stairwell shortly after the incident.

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