The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 16, 2013

McGowan farm buildings moved to higher ground

Government-mandated move taking shape for 'river town'

By Josh Moniz
The Mankato Free Press

---- — The majority of the Historyfest buildings at McGowan’s Farm have already been moved outside of the floodplain.

On Friday, six of the eight Historyfest buildings had been moved roughly 60 feet further into the property. Federal and county governments threatened to end the federally backed flood insurance if the properties were not moved outside of the 500-year flood zone.

The properties are used for the annual Historyfest event and rented by various other organizations throughout the year. The federal deadline for the move required at least four of the buildings moved by January and the remaining buildings by February.

Jack McGowan, owner of the property, said he plans to finish moving the remaining buildings by the end of next week. He said he was completing the requirement far ahead of schedule to avoid any complications from winter weather.

The buildings that have been moved are laying at their new locations without any flooring. He said he will have to work on resettling the building and installing utilities for several weeks after they finish the move.

The majority of the work has been completed with the volunteer work of local business and individuals. McGowan said they are still looking for volunteers to perform manual labor for this weekend.

“They can come out here and help if they want. We’ll get you dirty and put you to work,” said McGowan.