The Free Press, Mankato, MN

January 3, 2013

Add Johnson to growing list of candidates for Morrow's seat

By Robb Murray
Free Press Staff Writer

NORTH MANKATO — Clark Johnson, a longtime Democrat and faculty member at Minnesota State University, has announced he plans to run for the Minnesota House District 19A seat being vacated by Terry Morrow.

In a statement issued Thursday morning, the North Mankato man said his key priority will be bringing stability to government budgeting.

"Minnesota needs to create a long-term, stable approach to the budget," Johnson's statement says. "We have had enough of the gimmicks, borrowing from school districts and pushing the burden on property taxes. I want to work as part of the DFL majority in the legislature and with the governor to develop a rational, measured, sound, forward-thinking solution to the budget instability that we have experienced for a long time.

“I am a hard worker and I am a natural optimist," Johnson said. "I believe that we can create opportunity for all in this society and that state government has a role to help assure that everyone has access to high quality public education, owning a home, and working at a job that can support a family.”

Other DFL candidates are Karl Johnson and Robin Courrier.

Allen Quist, a Republican who ran against Congressman Tim Walz in Novemeber, said he would reveal next week whether he also will seek the seat.