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January 18, 2013

Mayo CEO says River's Edge claims of unfair practices are baseless



Liz Osborne, a doctor at Mayo Clinic in St. Peter, said one part of the previous article she took issue with was Spike’s claim that a friend of hers, who happens to be a Mayo patient, had been lied to regarding the scheduling of an ultrasound.

Spike said the woman had been told River’s Edge doesn’t perform ultrasounds, and when the woman asked Spike if she’d been lied to, she said “Yes.”

“We have not lied to any patients,” Osborne said.

One thing they do admit is a desire to keep patients, in certain situations, in the Mayo system.

For example, when it comes to mammograms, Kutcher said Mayo has reasons for wanting mammography to be done at Mayo facilities. In the Mayo system, they can do a mammogram and, while a woman waits, a Mayo radiologist can look over the digital images. Then, if the scan reveals something that needs follow-up, they take care of it immediately instead of making a woman wait days or even weeks between having a mammogram and getting an answer about results.

“No one would ever tell a patient they can’t get a mammogram in St. Peter,” Osborne said. Instead, Kutcher added, they tell patients how Mayo does things and let the patients decided for themselves.

As for the suggestion that Mayo is interested in removing River’s Edge from the field of competition, Kutcher called the claim baseless. He said that if Mayo was truly interested in shutting down River’s Edge, they wouldn’t have spent $5 million to have their clinic inside the River’s Edge complex.

Ultimately, Kutcher said Mayo isn’t obligated to send any patients to River’s Edge Hospital. Mayo is a business, he said, and has every right to protects its business interests.

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