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November 26, 2013

Mona Hauer gets 60 days in jail in starving child case

Father will serve jail time after wife's release


"Their rigid parenting was like rubbing salt in an open wound, causing pain and adding to his trauma history."

The boy put his statement into story form. The first half of his story talked about a child who was starved, spanked and endured a month of treatment in the hospital. After making it clear the story was really about him, the second half talked about a boy who is "awesome," loves to ride his bike and looks forward to going to school.

It was the comparison of two photographs that "tipped the scales" and made it clear the Hauers deserved jail time, Krehbiel said. One photo was of the boy after he had been taken to the hospital. The other was a recent photo from the Burows, who said his weight has doubled and he has grown nearly 8 inches during the past year. The boy had only gained 5 pounds during the five years he was under the care of the Hauers.

"It's very difficult for the court to grasp how anyone couldn't realize something was amiss when a child only gains 5 pounds in five years," Krehbiel said. "There is no excuse for that and the punishment fits."

After a civil trial earlier this year, the Hauers lost their parental rights over the boy, but they have been allowed to keep the other three children.

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