The Free Press, Mankato, MN

February 23, 2008

Alcohol summit viewed as a starting point

The goal: To build the basis for community action

By Tim Krohn

MANKATO — Organizers of Wednesday’s community-wide summit on high-risk drinking say it will be an opportunity to learn more, identify problems and look for solutions.

Then the real work will begin — ensuring ideas are followed up with ongoing, organized actions.

“The ultimate hope is the folks there will feel the need to not just spend one morning talking about it, but to compel a forward momentum in the community,” said Scott Olson, vice president of academic affairs at Minnesota State University.

Olson said the main goal of the Wednesday morning summit at the Alltel Center is to learn from the wide variety of groups present and from the public.

“For myself, the more I interact with others and get their perspectives, the more I realize how complex it is and how much more I need to know,” Olson said.

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