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November 21, 2013

Free Press poll: Move Blue Earth County Fair to Mankato

It certainly is a divided issue among our online readers. But it appears most of them want the Blue Earth County Fair to move.

The question in The Free Press’ latest online poll was: How do you feel about the possibility of the Blue Earth County Fair moving from Garden City to Mankato?

With 41 percent (66 votes), this answer came away with the plurality: “The time is right. Mankato is where most of the people in the county live. It makes the most sense to have it there.”

Coming in second — with 36 percent, 57 votes — was this: “Bad idea. The current location is beautiful and should be promoted as a county treasure, not written off as inconvenient.”

And just 22 percent (35 votes) chose this: “I don’t care. I never go to that fair.”

Comments at our Facebook page included:

n Angi Drynock Proehl: “If it’s important and something that people still find valuable, then we as a community need to do what is necessary to support this.”

n Patsy Pongratz: “It may be a win win for Mankato, but what about Garden City? Pretty soon all the little towns around will be ghost towns and no one will even know they exist. I think it should stay in Garden City like it has for many many years! Mankato can have their own.”

n Heidi Doll: “I grew up in Garden City and the fair was always the highlight of the summer. To move the fair to Mankato is asinine. Do people really not want to make the drive, which is what, 12 whole miles? Expand your horizons, Mankato residents.”

n Sarah Busch: “If the fair isn’t moved, I think you’re basically just condemning it to a long and protracted death. Yes, it would be a shame to move from that historic location, and I love Garden City as someone whose family eventually moved there, but I don’t think being sentimental about the location is going to save it.”

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