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May 4, 2013

Community pulls together to help find dog



For people who love pets ð people who consider their dog or cat or gerbil part of the family and not just an amusement ð this can be a desperate time.

Consider this: According to <> , less than 16 percent of lost dogs are returned to their rightful owner. That’s why, when telephone poles are littered with fliers, the neighborhood knows that, most likely, some family has lost a beloved member. Bernardy feared the worst.

Then came Sunday.

And more calls came in.

She was spotted in one area, and the Bernardys got in their car and raced over there. But when they arrived, she’d moved on. Then they got another call, and again, they raced over. Again, Cocoa had moved on. This happened several times, and each time Cocoa eluded them. She’d been spotted in Spring Lake Park, up on Belvista Drive, and way up the hill on Lee Boulevard.

In the meantime, they’d arranged for a live trap to be brought in. That Le Center volunteer drove to Shakopee to meet a representative of Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, who had agreed to let the Bernardys use a live trap.

They set up the live trap at a spot where Cocoa had been spotted chasing deer. And when they got in the car after that, their phone rang. It was the North Mankato police: Cocoa had been found, and they’d be returning her shortly.

It seems Cocoa, after four days on the lam, decided to open up a bit to some strangers. She apparently walked right up to a woman at a house not too far from the Bernardys and allowed her to give her food. Once inside the woman’s house, the woman called police and let them know she’d found the dog she’d seen on the fliers around town.

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