The Free Press, Mankato, MN

January 25, 2014

Poll: Professional athletes need to be more professional

The Mankato Free Press

---- — Mr. Sherman — not that you care — but southern Minnesota was not impressed.

The Seattle Seahawks superstar made news with his post-game comments last weekend, comments that had the social media world buzzing. So we decided to ask our readers what they thought. Our latest poll question was: After the Seattle Seahawks secured a spot in the 2014 Super Bowl, Richard Sherman attracted a lot of attention with his disparaging comments about his opponent. How do you feel about the integrity of the modern professional athlete? In general, do you think professional athletes conduct themselves as they should?

Pulling in the biggest response with 39 percent (113 votes) was this: “No. This is just one more example of how elite athletes think they’r above being polite and professional.”

Coming in second with 27 percent (77 votes) was this: “I’m not sure. But even if they did, the media would focus on the ones who say outlandish things. Media plays a big part in this issue.”

And bringing up the rear with 27 percent (77 votes) was this: “Yes, for the most part. There are exceptions, but most of them are good people and conduct themselves as they should.”

Anonymous comments at our poll site included:

n “A few athletes put on a show, and the Media eats it up! The more the Media rushes to catch everything these kind of ‘showmen’ say and do, the more they act up. If the Media wouldn’t make such a big thing out of these guys do, the childish acting would soon end.”

n “I say ‘Yes, for the most part.’ But to be clear it’s typically the super stars that are the most obnoxious.”

n “Don’t care how superior Sherman thinks he is, he is just one good hit away from being a has been, and who is going to hire someone with a mouth like that?”

n “You shouldn’t judge all athletes or celebrities by a few bad apples. They are only a small cross section of our society. He was out of line last night. It was embarrassing I’m sure for many Seahawks.”

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How concerned are you about this? Has it affected your decision to shop at Target?