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February 24, 2013

Documents, recollections differ in fatal North Mankato standoff



“We’ve been dealing with this and getting things figured out. We wanted to get in there because this morning, check on him, ’cause this morning he made a comment about, ya know, about hurting himself or others, so I was just concerned and now he won’t let us in.

“We have, and we have, we have a scheduled visit with him for 6:30, my daughter and I, and he won’t let us in. I’m concerned for his safety and, ya know.”

Telthoester-Tschohl also said she wanted an ambulance sent in case “he does have something down there.” It’s not clear what she is talking about because five lines from that portion of the call are blocked out.

She explained that she lived in an apartment on the second floor of Tschohl’s house. The dispatcher said a police officer would either call her or contact her at the house.

The affidavit for the search warrant appears to contain conflicting information. Even though it said Telthoester-Tschohl said her father wasn’t a threat to himself at the end of the description of Wednesday’s incident, it suggests earlier that she had told them he was a threat to himself.

“Audrey also stated that when she approached Lloyd about going to the doctor he told her that he would jump off a bridge before going to a doctor for help,” it said.

North Mankato Police Chief Chris Boyer said that, due to the BCA investigation, he could not comment about who made the calls nor about when they were made. He did say that he was working closely with the task force after it was called in.

The news releases from authorities said that police were contacted by a family member again Thursday morning.

But the affidavit said officers had received a call from a nurse at Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato Thursday morning. The nurse said she had just received a call from Telthoester-Tschohl, who said she was concerned about her father because he was homicidal.

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