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February 24, 2013

Documents, recollections differ in fatal North Mankato standoff



Telthoester-Tschohl said neither one of those descriptions is completely accurate. She said she didn’t call 911 or the nurse Thursday and is assuming the nurse was referring to a call she made to the hospital Wednesday. The nurse called her Thursday morning, told her a doctor had put in an order to bring Tschohl to the hospital for evaluation and that hospital staff would be working with police to get Tschohl to the emergency room, she said.

“She told me to stay at my daughter’s house,” Telthoester-Tschohl said. “She said ‘We’re all going to work together to get him in safely to get help.’”

There are two special emergency rooms and 11 inpatient beds at the hospital to care for people in a mental health crisis, said Dr. Umesh Vyas, medical director for the hospital’s behavioral health unit. Patients can be brought to the emergency room by law enforcement officers, family or on their own.

There also is a crisis hotline. Callers are screened by a nurse who decides if the patient should be referred to a doctor at the unit, their own psychologist or therapist or, in extreme cases, brought to the emergency room, Vyas said. Staff will work closely with law enforcement in those cases to makes sure someone is brought in safely, he said.

Hospital staff can not discuss specific situations, so they could not confirm whether the hospital was involved in Tschohl’s case.

Standoff details vary

The incident that sparked the shooting also is described differently in the affidavit than in the news releases. Those releases said officers were first shot at when they “approached the house to get a better view inside.” The search warrant affidavit said two teams of officers approached from two sides of the house and broke in.

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