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February 24, 2013

Documents, recollections differ in fatal North Mankato standoff



“The team on the west side cut the gas off and breached a large picture window, and the team on the east side breached the entry door,” the affidavit said. “While both teams breached the door and window, Lloyd shot what sounded like one round out towards the front of the residence towards one team and another round out towards the east door by the other team at (2:06 p.m.).”

The two teams backed off immediately. About 10 minutes later Tschohl came out of the house shooting two handguns, the affidavit said. He was immediately shot by at least three officers and fell to the ground.

North Mankato Police Department records show they were at Tschohl’s house Jan. 16 and Jan. 17. Prior to that, they had contact with him once in February 2009 when he reported finding property and once in November 2008 when he was questioned about a weapons violation.

A person who was driving by the house the morning of Nov. 26, 2008, reported hearing gunshots at Tschohl’s house. When Tschohl was questioned by an officer sent to the house, he said he had just returned home and hadn’t heard any gunfire. The officer noted seeing “several older long guns on a rack in the kitchen.”

A friend of Tschohl’s, Jo Tschohl, said she talked to him Jan. 15, the day before Telthoester-Tschohl and police officers went to his house the first time. Jo Tschohl said her late husband, Jim Tschohl, was Lloyd Tschohl’s cousin and they have known each other for decades. Up until December, when Telthoester-Tschohl sent Jo Tschohl a certified letter telling her to stay away from Lloyd, Jo Tschohl would visit him regularly for conversations, walks and trips to Taco John’s.

Jo Tschohl described Lloyd Tschohl as a lonely man who had done well with land sales and apartment investments. He leaned conservative but would let anyone put a political sign on his property if they stopped to talk to him for awhile. She’s not sure why Lloyd Tschohl adopted Telthoester-Tschohl when she was already in her 30s.

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