The Free Press, Mankato, MN

June 29, 2013

Poll: PETA has gone too far with "Chris P. Bacon"

The Mankato Free Press

---- — In a not-so-surprising outcome in our latest online poll, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals failed to generate sympathy for their latest public effort to change the world.

Our question was: “PETA wants the man who saved a disabled pig from certain slaughter to change the pig’s name to something other than ‘Chris P. Bacon.’ Has PETA gone too far?’

A solid majority (54 percent, 102 votes) went with this somewhat anti-PETA answer: “PETA is nothing more than holier-than-thou fringe group that shouldn’t be getting any attention.”

Another 37 percent (70 votes) went with this answer: “Are you serious? If PETA has nothing better to do than harass a man who saved a disabled animal’s life, then they’ve lost a lot of credibility with me.”

Comments at out Facebook page included:

• Michelle Wolfe: “Yes, they should be happy there are people out there that would save animals. Instead they are focusing on things that shouldn’t be their concern. Take the win. Don’t discourage the people that did something about the problem. They won’t care to help again if you make them feel bad.”

• Tanya Beckel Redfield: “The pig doesn’t know the meaning of the name. The pig does know it’s still alive. The pig is happy, so why is PETA complaining?”

• Mark Robbins: “Why do we pay attention to PETA at all?”

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