The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 12, 2012

Mankato man charged in assault, kidnapping case

By Dan Nienaber
Free Press Staff Writer

MANKATO — Felony charges have been filed against a Mankato man who allegedly drove a woman down a dead-end street, beat her, then refused to let her get out of his car.

When the woman arrived at the Blue Earth Justice Center to report the incident last week, she said she was able to escape from the 22-year-old Brian Marmolejo after they stopped at the Kwik Trip at the intersection of Stadium Road and Monks Avenue. She said she was able to run from the store and evade Marmolejo until she was able to run to her nearby children’s day care provider.

The woman said the incident on Oct. 3 started when she got off work at about 2:30 p.m. Marmolejo was at her residence and said he wanted to cash a check. While he was driving, he punched the rearview mirror, breaking both the mirror and the front windshield, the woman reported.

Marmolejo then drove down a dead-end road off Lime Valley Road and near the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail parking lot. That’s when he allegedly punched her several times in the head and ribs.

The woman said she ran from the car at that point, but Marmolejo caught her and convinced her to get back in the car because she needed to pick her kids up from day care.

Marmolejo allegedly told the woman he didn’t want her to go to her day care provider’s door because the provider would see her injuries. After the woman was unable to get the provider to answer her phone, she talked Marmolejo into letting her go into the Kwik Trip. She said she ducked behind a cooler as Marmolejo headed to the back of the store, then ran out the door after he lost track of her.

The woman said she hid behind mobile homes in University Park as she made her way toward Timberwolf Drive and the day care. Marmolejo was driving up and down streets looking for her and sped toward her after he saw her running across field south of Savannah Court, the criminal complaint said. She was able to get to the day care before he caught her, she reported.

Marmolejo allegedly admitted to driving the woman to the street off Lime Valley Road and following her after she ran from Kwik Trip, a Mankato police officer reported. Marmolejo was charged with felony kidnapping and false imprisonment and misdemeanor domestic assault.