The Free Press, Mankato, MN

September 7, 2013

The simple joys of Twitter, Mankato-style

By Robb Murray
The Mankato Free Press

---- — I’m a social media guy. Partly because I’m curious about the world around me, and partly because my job requires that I be “out there.”

So I do a little Facebooking — yes, that was me the other day stating how cute it was that everyone was posting pictures of their kids going back to school, a corny statement I stand by 100 percent, by the way. I’m a total sucker for cute.

But for entertainment purposes, it’s tough to beat Twitter.

Every few minutes there’s another Buzzfeed list giving us “Nine questions about Britain you were afraid to ask,” “Undeniable proof that Dunkin’ Donuts if the best place ever,” and “26 products you can’t believe don’t exist yet.”

Twitter also lets me keep an eye on what my daughter’s tweeting about, and as soon as my son starts tweeting, I’ll be able to tell just how much parental anguish I’ll be in for.

But beyond all that, though, I’ve found that one of the most entertaining uses for Twitter is to just set up a simple search for the word “Mankato.”

Here’s a sampling of what’s out there, and this is just during the last two days:

n @Joe_Bunker says, “Remember those kids that just sat in class and drew mushrooms all through high school? Yeah, they all go to Mankato now.”

n @chasebossellYGH says, “(girl) got me good one time. Scarred for life. Got called scout master cuz i pitch tents. Thats y i left mankato.”

n @dbrauer says, “Btw, belated congrats to @Josh_Moniz for his move to Mankato Free Press. A lot of great young journos around here. #oldmantweets”

n @tylerokaycool says, “I solemnly swear that I will never invite another Mankato girl to one of my band’s shows again. Have fun getting ‘turnt up’ instead.”

n @caledoniarice says, “don’t understand why people move away from mankato but then drive back every chance they get? like you might as well just have stayed.”

n @ktkujawa says, “I’m half convinced I’m getting strep courtesy of the bacterial breeding ground that is Mankato East. :-(”

n @Pietschtree says, “I actually prayed for all of mankato west to succesfully use deoderant tomorrow.”

n @mscourtneyfey says, “If you ever wondered what happened to “bump-it’s” they all went to Mankato.”

n @Hansonn10 says, “Well Mankato’s pretty dope. I’ve met a ton of people already this year... And we’ve had a successful kegger at the house already!”

n @Victorwesmann56 says, “Only in mankato would this a*#hole still be riding a spare on his Porsche...for the past 3 months.”

n @johnutterance says, “Just found out my cinema studies professor smoked weed with Billy Joe Armstrong in Mankato back in the day. And he liked Pacific Rim.”

And for a real laugh, check out @KatoatItsfinest.

I still like those cute kid pix, but it’s tough to beat a good bump-it insult.

Robb Murray can be reached at 344-6386, or You can follow him on Twitter at @freepressRobb