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September 7, 2013

The simple joys of Twitter, Mankato-style


n @caledoniarice says, “don’t understand why people move away from mankato but then drive back every chance they get? like you might as well just have stayed.”

n @ktkujawa says, “I’m half convinced I’m getting strep courtesy of the bacterial breeding ground that is Mankato East. :-(”

n @Pietschtree says, “I actually prayed for all of mankato west to succesfully use deoderant tomorrow.”

n @mscourtneyfey says, “If you ever wondered what happened to “bump-it’s” they all went to Mankato.”

n @Hansonn10 says, “Well Mankato’s pretty dope. I’ve met a ton of people already this year... And we’ve had a successful kegger at the house already!”

n @Victorwesmann56 says, “Only in mankato would this a*#hole still be riding a spare on his Porsche...for the past 3 months.”

n @johnutterance says, “Just found out my cinema studies professor smoked weed with Billy Joe Armstrong in Mankato back in the day. And he liked Pacific Rim.”

And for a real laugh, check out @KatoatItsfinest.

I still like those cute kid pix, but it’s tough to beat a good bump-it insult.

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