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September 9, 2013

Judge finds security hospital inmate guilty of attempted murder

Judge still deciding if Security Hospital inmate was sane when he attacked his mother


He went on to admit the original plan to beat his mother with the bike seat didn't work. The seat was softer than the hammer he had used on his sister, Ewing said. So he grabbed barbecue tongs and attempted to force them through his mother's eyes. He said he had done something similar to a cat he had crushed at a cabin he was staying at near St. Cloud in 1998. By poking a pen through the cat's eye and moving it around, Ewing was able to put it out of it's misery, he said.

“The tongs weren't working,” he said, still speaking calmly. “They were dollar tongs and bending.”

His mother was too battered to escape, so he had time to walk to the back of the hatchback car and get the steak knife. Medical staff counted 23 stab wounds on Olson's body after she was airlifted from the park to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. Ewing admitted to stabbing her “a couple times in the neck, more than a few times in the chest and a few times in the back.”

If he hadn't been stopped, he planned to cut a large enough hole in Olson's chest to be able to shove a tree limb through it, he told the deputies. They hadn't told him yet whether his mother was alive or dead.

“If she dies and the world doesn't change and I end up in St. Peter again, I probably just killed the sweetest person in the world,” he said. “If she lives, then I probably shouldn't see her again.”

Victim describes attack

Olson was called to testify Monday. She wore a neck pillow and was escorted to the witness stand by a bailiff who held her arm. Olson said she was in intensive care for 28 days and in the hospital for a total of more than three months while she was being treated for her injuries. She still has troubles breathing as a result of the attack.

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