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September 30, 2013

Ask Us: County, column work to clear debris quickly

Q: Who’s going to clean up all the trees and debris under the Red Jacket Trail bridge, and who’s going to pay for the removal?

A: Blue Earth County — as owner of the Red Jacket Trestle — is responsible for the removal of debris that accumulates against the bridge piers. County crews were just waiting for water levels to drop enough to get equipment to the riverside.

“A few weeks ago, we were able to gain access,” said Blue Earth County Public Works Director Al Forsberg. “I believe 30 tandem truckloads of debris — stumps, logs, brush — were hauled away.”

(Ask Us Guy realizes some readers may have noted the “a few weeks ago” as part of Forsberg’s answer.)

It’s time to come clean. The Ask Us Research Group is running a bit behind on getting questions answered. With the end of the fiscal year tonight at midnight, we figured we’d better review our books and see how big the answer-deficit is.

After checking email, listening to old voicemails, counting up the letters in that blue pocket folder and looking under the pile of Diet Coke cans covering the right side of the Ask Us Reference and Resource Center, we came to the realization that we may be more disorganized and dysfunctional than Congress.

There are, however, still a few hours left in the fiscal year, and our accountants said if we answer 28 questions in this week’s column, it may keep the auditors at bay. So, here we go:)

Q: After two years, the sidewalk and boulevard on Madison Avenue is finally in place. But there’s still a piece of sidewalk missing in front of U.S. Bank across from Perkins. It’s been two months since the rest of the sidewalk was completed. Why is that small remaining piece not done?

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