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October 31, 2013

Benefit to help boy with damaged eye

Metal lodged in eye leads to big expenses

He was just being a kid. Just doing what 9-year-olds will do.

William Lynn and some buddies were having some fun, using tools to hammer at some rocks, when a piece chipped off and buried itself in William’s left eye.

Whether the chunk of metal came off a tool or out of the rock — or whatever it was that he was hammering — is irrelevant now. What mattered is this 2 mm-by-6 mm chunk was lodged in his left eye, and he was in trouble.

That was in September 2012. Today, William is OK, but he’s been through a handful of surgeries and might have a handful more before it’s through. And even then, he’ll likely never have normal sight in this left eye.

The Lynn family is just glad William didn’t lose an eye or worse — the chunk of metal came dangerously close to his brain. And today they’ve got insurance to cover the considerable costs associated with his medical care.

But back in 2012, they didn’t have insurance and expenses piled up. That’s why a benefit is planned for Sunday. They’re hoping to raise money to help them pay some of those hospital bills. In addition to bills, William’s mother, Sonja, was unable to work at the family business, a roofing company, where she’s the salesperson in charge of bringing in business.

Sonja Lynn says she still feels guilty about that day. She says that if she’d been home, she could have told the boys to stop or at least told William to put on his safety goggles.

On that day, William’s older sister drove him to the emergency room at Mayo Clinic Health System in Mankato. A doctor there, after hearing William assess his own pain level as a “2” on a scare of 1-10, told them to see an eye doctor in the morning, Sonja Lynn said. Which they did. And once the eye doctor took a look at William’s eye, she immediately began preparations for surgery.

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