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December 9, 2012

Sunday snowday: Sledders hit hills, plows hit roads



Temperatures were expected to drop dramatically overnight, so Cmdr. Pam Hermanson of the Department of Public Safety is warning drivers to take their time on the way to work this morning. She also said it’s wise to allow for more stopping time and reminded drivers that all windows have to be completely cleared of snow or ice.

Police officers weren’t too busy Sunday, either. They responded to 11 crashes, four hit-and-runs and one crash with a very minor injury in the city Sunday, Hermanson said.

Driving was much more difficult in other parts of the state. The State Patrol reported responding to almsot 600 crashes and more than 900 spin-outs or vehicles off the road throughout the state. There were about 30 crashes with injuries, including one rollover in Nicollet County.

Some grumbled about having to clear their driveways, but many people joined the Posas family in finding ways to enjoy the snow Sunday. Kids all over town were rolling the heavy, wet snow into snowmen and forts.

Jack Weringa and Ethan Radel, both 11, talked a mom into taking them to several stores to find a sled. Then they were dropped off at Sibley Park, where they planned to stay for at least a couple hours.

They admitted they were Vikings fans, but said sliding and rolling around in the snow was much more fun than sitting on a couch and watching football.

“This is better than summer because the snow is fun,” Weringa said.

“And you don’t get hurt when you fall down,” Radel added.

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