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November 16, 2012

MSU student arrested in library restroom assault

MANKATO — A witness told police a student arrested for assaulting another man in a library bathroom at Minnesota State University appeared to be waiting for someone to go into the restroom before the attack.

Kevin Joseph Renquist, 19, appeared in court Friday for felony charges of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and making terroristic threats. He was arrested Wednesday night after police responded to a report of an assault in a third-floor bathroom in MSU’s Memorial Library.

Renquist had blood stains on his clothing and was bleeding from his thumb and pinkie when officers arrived. He told an officer he was attacked by another man when he went into the bathroom. The officer reported Renquist did not appear to be upset at the time, but he was breathing heavily. He denied having a knife and said he didn’t know the other man or why the man attacked him.

The other man, also a student, told the same officer he was in the bathroom using one of the urinals when was attacked from behind. He said Renquist used his left arm to grab him around the neck and attempted to stab him with a knife in his right hand.

The victim said he believed Renquist was attempting to kill him as he used his arm and hand to block Renquist’s attempts to stab him. He said he was able to escape after biting Renquist’s thumb, screaming for help and fighting his way to the door. He also said he lost a tooth while biting Renquist and pulling away.

The officer noted the victim was “visibly upset and crying.” He also reported the zipper on the victim’s pants was down, which suggested he had been using the urinal when he was attacked. The bathroom had blood on the stalls and floor and the victim’s glasses were lying on the floor next to the urinals.

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