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March 1, 2013

News and comment on a busy week

It seems an unusually high impact week in the news.

News: Many more American now know what the word sequestration means.

Comment: It means things the government does might work even less than they normally do.

News: Permits to carry handguns rose 50 percent statewide this year, and about 20-30 pecent in the Mankato region. See our stories online at

Comment: Does that mean were more scared than 2011 and do we fell more safe? One thing for sure, gun dealers are feeling more financially healthy.

News: Crime of the week has to be St. Paul man arrested for his missing wife's murder after large blood stains found on his carpet in the shape of a head and torso.

Comment: You could predict the quotes from neighbors: "They seemed like a quiet, polite couple, who kept to themselves but were friendly enough."

News: The Free Press seeks a motion to be at the table representing public interest in public investigative data others are trying to keep secret in Todd Hoffner case.

Comment: I'm puzzled by why Mr. Hoffner's attorneys are asking us to stand down. I would think they would be interested in further stories that shine light on how this prosecution was handled."


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