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February 4, 2014

Can't find the room to move

Two months off the blogosphere is like you disappeared from the face of the Earth. Well, the holidays hit and I got busy, down at The Wine Cafe mostly, but other research institutions as well.

Posting the first blog of the 2014 on Feb 4 is far below the expectations I have for myself and I do apologize, profusely, if necessary.

So I figure 2014 might be a good year for cliches to at least release the clutch on writer's block. "Take that for what it's worth." "If you know what I mean."

Cliche use is also part of my new strategy to get more "traffic" as they say to your online ruminations. The cliches, I figure, being common writing tools for those who are not writers, should be all over the Internet, from research papers to sports chats. If I use a few of them in my blog, I'm bound to be found by a lot of people who weren't really looking for me.

It's a judgment call if they realize this soon enough or are pulled into my prose that is slightly more relevant and witty than most things on the Internet, although that may be "a stretch."

My other startegy is to title my blog posts with a line from well-known and top-of-the-charts Bruce Springsteen songs. The title of this blog "Can't find the room to move," is from Springsteen's "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out," and comes right after the line "The whole world's walking pretty...." and you can't find the room to move." So now you know some of my thinking here.

The title is vaguely relevant to what I'm writing about.

I have, after reading my "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide" from Google, inserted the search terms "Bruce Springsteen" and "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" in the search engine optimization tag windows of this blog, hoping that the Boss's celebrity will at least bring a few misguided Springsteen fans to my blog, only to be disappointed it isn't all about Springsteen.

But this blog is partially about Springsteen. Love 90 percent of the music he does. Been to three of his concerts, one, about a year ago. I was in "the pit" for a marathon show of 3.5 hours at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

The guy at a New Jersey newspaper whose job it is apparently to write about Springsteen concerts wherever he is ("Nice work if you can get it.") says that St. Paul concert playlist was very rare. Songs you don't hear Springsteen do much like "I'm a Rocker" "Stolen Car" and "No surrender" "Night" "She's the One" and "Devils in Dust," were featured.

It was a great concert, Can't think of a better time I've ever had at an entertainment venue.

As for the usual subjects of politics and news that I try to comment on, things seem good.

Congress seems to be getting along. Farm bill passed. Budget passed. Immigration might even pass. Someone's been praying a lot or maybe these guys in Washington are getting fatigued from their own behaviors.

It's kind of like when you have your second child and tantrums are no big deal any more. In fact, as parents, you start laughing at the second child's tantrums. Which, of course, means the tantrum moves to the ballistic level.

That could be a metaphor for Congress. Their screaming has become so commonplace it's funny.

I'll try to update more in 2014, waiting for "when Scooter and the Big Man break this city in half."

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