Cindra Kamphoff, a psychology of running expert and Minnesota State University professor, and her team of “psychs” gave mental tips to runners at the Mankato Marathon Expo Friday. The team is on the course today, giving tips to help the runners perform their best.

Pat Christman
Free Press Staff Writer

As of 5 p.m. Friday, Eric Peters had three-fourths of a mantra: “power, courage, strength” and a fourth word to be named later.

When the Mankatoan hits the starting line this morning, he’ll probably have figured out that last word — a quartet of motivational words his sister draws upon in her struggles against cancer.

The idea behind his mantra is that, compared to his sister going through chemotherapy, his half-marathon is nothing to complain about. If she can endure cancer, he can run 13.1 miles.

The idea behind a mantra, of course, is that runners experience two contests at once: One on the course and one in their heads. And psychology of running expert Cindra Kamphoff believes the mental race can be the most important.

Kamphoff, a professor at Minnesota State University, is leading the Sports Psych Team, which will provide mental support to runners. She learned about the concept during a trip to a marathon in Toronto last year.

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