The Free Press, Mankato, MN

February 4, 2013

Ask a Trooper: Is a physical needed to operate farm truck?

By Jacalyn Sticha
Minnesota State Patrol

Our commercial vehicle section states, "Use of a farm plate does not determine if you need a medical certificate. To determine if you are exempt from a medical certificate, you have to determine what you are using the vehicle for. If the vehicle is operated by a farmer or farm employee to transport products, farm machinery or supplies intrastate to or from a farm, the farmer would be exempt from needing a medical certificate.

Minnesota State Statute 221.031 Subdivision 2 (d). Any interstate transportation of the product, including delivery to a port terminal where the product will be shipped interstate, will require that the driver obtain a medical certificate so they would need the DOT physical. (

A driver hauling unfinished forest products (such as logs) is not exempted from needing a medical certificate even if they are using farm plates as stated in state statute 221.025 (9)."