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July 8, 2010

Ask a trooper: By Sgt. Jacalyn Sticha

New Addition to Window Tint Law Coming Soon

— Question: I have been hearing an awful lot about window tint on vehicles so I had mine checked. My tinting was illegal and needed to be removed, how come [they] can sell it if using it is illegal in Minnesota?

Answer: I think for years window tinting, mirroring, decals, blocking etc. have been sold nationally, as some states do not have the same law as Minnesota, especially the very hottest southern most states.

But the good news is our Legislature addressed this issue during their last session. Keep in mind this is not the final engrossment [final legal/ clean copy]. The law will go into effect Aug. 1, 2010.

3rd Engrossment - MSS169.71, Subd. 5. Glazing material; prohibitions on sale. (a) No person should offer for sale or use on any motor vehicle, windows or windshields……that fails to comply with Subd. 4. No person shall apply or offer to apply, as part of a business transaction, material to motor vehicle windows or windshields that fails to comply with the provisions of subdivision 4. A violation will be a misdemeanor.

The provisions in Subd. 4 are the standards that I have covered in recent articles, for details go to and you can search by the MSS169.71. If you are looking for the new legislation go to the same website but search under Chapter No. 304 SF. No. 2370.

Remember from the prior Legislative Session: MSS168.27 Subd. 30. Glazing material. A new motor vehicle dealer, used motor vehicle dealer, or motor vehicle lessor may not sell or lease a motor vehicle at retail for registration in Minnesota that does not meet the glazing material requirements under section 169.71, subd. 4.

Looks like we are getting this Law’s holes sewn up in the last couple of Legislative Sessions!


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