The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 22, 2013

St. James' Flohr wants to be like her mom

By Jim Rueda
Free Press Sports Editor

MANKATO — About 20 years ago, a young girl by the name of Sandy Fredrickson set the St. James school record in the long jump, which still stands today.

On Friday, her daughter Devon Flohrs, admitted at the season-opening South Central Conference indoor track and field meet that she wants to set a school record in the triple jump so her name could be next to her mom’s in the record book.

“That’s always been one of my goals,” Flohrs said. “I think it would be neat to both have records.”

Flohr’s career best in the triple is 34-feet-5. The school record is right around 38-5 so she’ll have her work cut out for her this season.

“If I can get up in that range I should have a good chance to qualify for state,” Flohrs said. “That would be a great way to end my senior season.”

The 12th-grader is also a volleyball player and basketball player for the Saints. She has decided to go to St. Olaf College next year where she will go out for the volleyball team

“During the volleyball and basketball seasons I didn’t think too much about my high school career being over,” Flohrs said. “But now in track, I see it’s getting pretty close. It’s going to be sad but I’m looking forward to going to college, too.”

There was no triple jump to compete in Friday so Flohrs participated strictly in the long jump where she finished fourth with a leap of 15-feet-4.5.

As a runner, Flohrs won the 200-meter dash with a time of 29.31. Teammates Amelia Collier took the 400-meter dash (1:09), Katy Hedlund captured the high jump (4-10) and Emily Hurley won the shot put (37-7.5).

Blue Earth Area’s Skylee Bell was a triple-winner in Friday’s non-team scoring meet. She won the 60-meter dash in 8.2 seconds.

She also joined with Paige Darrington, Anne Franta and Karli Olsen to win the sprint medley relay in 4:30.1. In the 4x2 relay, Bell combined with Taylor Grandgenett, Franta and Olsen for a winning time of 1:54.18.

The Bucs also won the 4x4 relay as Grandgenett, Franta, Olsen and Krista Hassing clocked a 4:13.9.

St. Peter opened the meet by winning the 4x800-meter relay. The foursome of Maggie Anderson, Sally Morrow, Hannah Baskfield and Ella Wiebush turned in a time of 10:47.3.

Waseca had two individual winners. Sally O’Brien captured the 1,600 meters in 5:41.3 and Aubrey Highum took the 800 meters in 2:34.3.

South Central Conference Indoor Meet

(MSU’s Bud Myers Field House)

4x800-METER RELAY: 1—St. Peter (Maggie Anderson, Sally Morrow, Hannah Baskfield, Ella Wiebush) 10:47.3; 2—Waseca 11:07.1; 3—Fairmont 11:08.8; 4—St. James 11:15.7.

60 HURDLES: 1—Schultz (F) 10.0; 2—Grangenett (BEA) 10.1; 3—Emily Lind (SP) 10.5; 4—Leichtnam (F) 10.8; 5—Camilla Bjelland (SP) 10.9; 6—Friedman (NU) and Wegner (F) 11.0.

60 METERS: 1—Skylee Bell (BEA) 8.2; 2—Nordby  (SJ) 8.3; 3—Voss (F) 8.5; 4—Chloe Bachman (SP) 8.5; 5—Romain (W) 8.6; 6—Riley (F) 8.7.

SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: 1—Blue Earth Area (Paige Darrington, Anne Franta, Karli Olsen, Skylee Bell) 4:30.1; 2—St. James 4:40.3; 3—Waseca 4:48.5; 4—Fairmont 5:06.3.

1,600 METER RUN: 1—Sally O’Brien (W) 5:41.3; 2—Maggie Anderson (SP) 6:05.6; 3—Fischer (F) 6:06.3; 4—Burke (W) 6:06.6; 5—Kulseth (W) 6:10.6; 6—Haugen (F) 6:18.2.

4x200 RELAY: 1—Blue Earth Area (Taylor Grandgenett, Anne Franta, Karli Olsen, Skylee Bell) 1:54.18; 2—Fairmont 1:58.1; 3—St. James 2:00.4; 4—Waseca 2:01.6.

400 METERS: 1—Amelia Collier (SJ) 1:09; 2—Ostlie (F) 1:11.4; 3—Voss (F) 1:12.3; 4—Tetzlaff (BEA) 1:12.4; 5—Norman (BEA) 1:13.2; 6—Howk (NU) 1:13.3.

60 LOW HURDLES: 1—Leichtnam (F) 10.7; 2—Camilla Bjelland (SP) and B. Wegner (F) 10.8; 4—Jones (F) 10.9; 5—Johnson (NU) 11.2; 6—Hagedorn (BEA) 11.5.

800 METERS: 1—Aubrey Highum (W) 2:34.3; 2—Aryn Ekstrom (SJ) 2:35.3; 3—Sally O’Brien (W) 2:37.4; 4—Ella Wiebusch (SP) 2:38; 5—Sally Morrow (SP) 2:39; 6—Johnson (F) 2;51.6.

200 METERS: 1—Devon Flohrs (SJ) 29.31; 2—Lokensgard (SP) 30.5; 3—Tetzlaff (BEA) 30.6; 4—Killian (W) 30.83; 5—Hedlund (SJ) 31.2; 6—Romain (W) 31.4.

4x400 RELAY: 1—Blue Earth Area (Taylor Grandgenett, Anne Franta, Karli Olsen, Krista Hassing) 4:13.9; 2—St. Peter 4:33.3; 3—St. James 4:41.9; 4—Fairmont 4:48.5.

SHOT PUT: 1—Emily Hurley (SJ) 37-feet-7.5; 2—Schlueter (W) 33-8; 3—Lardy (F) 31-0; 4—Wegner (F) 30-2; 5—Forst (NU) 29-5; 6—Spangler (W) 28-9.

LONG JUMP: 1—Benson (F) 15-feet-7; 2—Schultz (F) and Marta Springer (SP) 15-6.25; 4—Flohrs (SJ) 15-4.5; 5—Halla Dontje Lindell (SP) 15-1.25; 6—Bell (BEA) 14-7.25.

HIGH JUMP: 1—Katy Hedlund (SJ) 4-feet-10; 2—Thiesse (F) 4-10; 3—Lind (SP) 4-10; 4—Darrington (BEA) 4-8; 5—Miller (W) and Rollins (W) 4-8.

POLE VAULT: 1—Leichtnam (F) 7-feet-6

TRIPLE JUMP: 1—Schultz (F) 33-8.5; 2—Bearson (F) 32-6.25; 3—Linden (SP) 32-1; 4—Diedrich (W) 30-5.5; 5—Chulupnik (SP) 27-8.25; 6—Miller (W) 27-0.75.