The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 23, 2013

Loyola's Vetter has sights on breaking own record in girls track and field

By Jim Rueda
Free Press Sports Editor

MANKATO — Five years ago, seventh-grader Danielle Vetter joined a talented 4x400-meter relay team for the Mankato Loyola girls track and field program and help record a school-record time of 4:13.1.

This year, the senior’s goal is to break that record.

“There were some fast runners on that team but I think we have the talent this year to break it,” Vetter said. “My sister Katerina is here and she’s pretty good, and we have the Ninneman sisters, too.

“Britney Fletcher also runs it. From those five people we should be able to put together a pretty good team.”

Vetter is one of only three seniors on the Loyola-Cleveland roster this year. The others are Andrea Tolaas and Anna Uthakumaran.

Because of her tenure with the Crusaders — she started in sixth grade — Vetter has naturally become a team leader. Head coach Dale Compton describes her as a valued member of the squad.

“She’s one of our hardest-working and most dependable runners,” he said. “She’s been with us for a long time so she knows what’s expected. I wish I had 12 more just like her.”

Vetter was an alternate on last year’s state-qualifying 4x800-meter relay team and says it might be nice to make it back to state. Otherwise, she has one other goal in mind.

“I’d really like to set a PR in the open 400,” she said. “My best time right now is 63.2 so my goal is to get under that.”

The Crusaders opened the season at their own invitational Saturday and Vetter was a member of the winning 4x200-meter relay team. She joined with sister Katerina, Lea Wiezorek and Fletcher to deliver a winning time of 1:59.9.

WEM was led at the meet by Tierney Winter, who won the long jump with a distance of 15-feet-11, captured the 1,600 meters in 5:39.4 and took the 400-meter dash in 1:07.2.

Teammate Ashley Stangler won both the 55 high hurdles (9.8) and 55 low hurdles (9.5). The Bucs’ Lily Anderson tied for first in the 55-meter dash (7.6) and won the 200-meter dash in 27.9.

Mountain Lake Area was the team champion with 141 points. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown finished second (116), Loyola-Cleveland was fifth (42) and Janesvlle-Waldorf-Pemberton placed sixth (27).


Crusader Invite

(MSU’s Bud Myers Field House)

GIRLS TEAM SCORES: 1—Mountain Lake Area 141; 2—Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 116; 3—Medford and Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 85.5; 5—Mankato Loyola-Cleveland 42; 6—Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton 27.

4x800-METER RELAY: 1—Mountain Lake Area 11:06.3; 2—Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 11:20.7. 55 HIGH HURDLES: 1—Ashley Stangler (WEM) 9.8; 2—Carly P. (MLA) 10.6; 3—Bailey S. and J. Nelson (TMB) 10.7; 5—B. Johnson (JWP) 10.7; 6—Sammie Petry (WEM) 10.8.

55 METERS: 1—Lydia Hildebrandt (MLA) and Lily Anderson (WEM) 7.6; 2—Mikayla F. (MLA) 7.7; 4—Katerina Vetter (LOY) 7.7; 5—S. Manderfeld (MED) 7.9; 6—C. Kavitz (MED) and A. Tauer (TMB) 8.3.

SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: 1—Mt. Lake Area 4:55.0; 2—Mankato Loyola/Cleveland 4:58.1; 3—Medford 5:06.2; 4—Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 5:11.6; 5—Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 5:14.9.

1,600 METERS: 1—Tierney Winter (WEM) 5:39.4; 2—Whitney K. (MLA) 5:57.8; 3—E. Nagel (MED) 6;24.1; 4—Stacey H. (MLA) 6:35.2; 5—K. Hartmann (JWP) 7:27.4.

4x200 RELAY: 1—Mankato Loyola/Cleveland (Katerina Vetter, Danielle Vetter, Lea Wiezorek, Britney Fletcher) 1:59.9; 2—Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton 2:07.6; 3—Medford 2:10.9.

400 METERS: 1—Tierney Winter (WEM) 1:07.2; 2—N. Morgan (MED) 1:09.7; 3—Jordan S. (MLA) 1:10.2; 4—E. Tholen (TMB) 1:10.5; 5—M. Buhs (LOY) 1:11.7; 6—J. Nelson (TMB) 1:14.7.

55 LOW HURDLES: 1—Ashley Stangler (WEM) 9.5; 2—Sammie Petry (WEM) 9.8; 3—J.K. Przymus (TMB) 10.4; 4—Bailey S. (MLA) 10.5; 5—Carly P. (MLA) 10.5; 6—N. Iverson (TMB) 10.7.

800 METERS: 1—Liana B. (MLA) 2:44.7; 2—Jackie Kaplan (WEM) 2:46.6; 3—G. Sao (MED) 2:46.8; 4—Laynie Kubista (LOY) 3:05.4; 5—B. Johnson (JWP) 3:29.0; 6—K. Hartmann (JWP) 3:30.4.

200 METERS: 1—Lily Anderson (WEM) 27.9; 2—Lydia Hildebrandt (MLA) 28.6; 3—C. Kavitz (MED) and M. Yang (TMB) 30.4; 5—H. Olson (JWP) 30.9; 6—Emily J. (MLA) 30.9

3,200 METERS: 1—Brooke F. (MLA) 14:01.7; 2—G. Gervais (TMB) 15:02.2; 3—Sam Becker (WEM) 15:35.3.  4x400 RELAY: 1—Mt. Lake Area 4:25.5; 2—Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 4:31.6; 3—Mankato Loyola/Cleveland 4:31.8; 4—Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 4:45.9; 5—Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton 5:29.2.

LONG JUMP: 1—Tierney Winter (WEM) 15-feet-11; 2—Katerina Vetter (LOY) 14-7; 3—Lily Anderson (WEM) 14-3; 4—S. Manderfeld (MED) 14-1.5; 5—Brianna S. (MLA) 14-1; 6—C. Morton (JWP) 14-0.

TRIPLE JUMP: 1—S. Manderfeld (MED) 30-feet-5; 2—K. Ludeman (TMB) 29-7; 3—Callie Morton (JWP) 29-1; 4—Bridgette S. (MLA) 28-10; 5—Jackie Kaplan (WEM) 27-8; 6—K. Kirk (TMB) 27-0.

HIGH JUMP: 1—E. Luebbe (MED) 5-feet; 2—S. Gervais (TMB) 4-10; 3—K. Ludeman (TMB) 4-8; 4—M. Strodtman (MED) 4-6; 5—Ashley Stangler (WEM) 4-4; 6—Brianna Johnson (JWP) 4-2.

POLE VAULT: 1—S. Larson (MED) and Lydia Hildebrandt (MLA) and Mikayla F. (MLA) 7-feet-6; 4—Sammie Petry (WEM) 7-6; 5—A. Peterson (TMB) 7-0; 6—N. Morgan (MED) 6-6.

SHOT PUT: 1—Hannah S. (MLA) 31-feet-8.5; 2—K. Przymus (TMB) 29-10; 3—Rachel D. (MLA) 26-2; 4—K. Hoek (TMB) 25-4; 5—J. Schmidt (TMB) 25-1.5; 6—J. Lavoy (TMB) 21-8.5.