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October 4, 2013

Designer baby patent is 'a serious mistake,' critics charge

LOS ANGELES — What’s even more repulsive than the idea of using DNA tests to help people create designer babies? Getting a patent for the idea.

23andMe, the pioneering direct-to-consumer genetic testing company, was awarded such a patent in September. U.S. Patent No. 8,543,339 is titled “Gamete donor selection based on genetic calculations,” and among the inventions it claims is the idea of using genetic tests and computer programs to predict the likely traits of a baby based on the DNA of its parents.

Needless to say, this patent does not sit well with bioethicists. In a commentary published Thursday in the journal Genetics in Medicine, a group of bioethicists in Europe describes another scenario covered by the patent: prospective parents seeking egg and sperm donors with specific DNA variants to maximize their chance of having a child who will grow to a specific height, or develop the slow-twitch muscles that make someone a better endurance athlete, or have certain personality characteristics. Some traits, such as gender and eye color, could be chosen pretty reliably.

“Selecting children in ways such as those patented by 23andMe is hugely ethically controversial,” the bioethicists wrote. (They did give the company credit for not offering “a cast-iron, fool-proof method guaranteeing that the eventual child will have all the phenotypic traits on the parents’ shopping list, an impossible task.”)

The Center for Genetics and Society, a bioethics think-tank based in Berkeley, Calif., has called on 23andMe “to abstain from developing or offering any product or service based on this patent, and to use its patent to prevent others from doing so.”

“We believe the patent office made a serious mistake in allowing a patent that includes drop-down menus from which to choose a future child’s traits,” Marcy Darnovsky, the center’s executive director, said in a statement.

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