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December 2, 2012

Heritage Edition: Copy of handwritten, illustrated Bible visits Gustavus

Contemporary work created using medieval techniques



The manger scene in the Bible doesn’t include the baby Jesus, just a shaft of intense gold connecting the crib to the heavens. And the ox in the illumination is based on a prehistoric drawing from a cave in France, she said. Look close at another illumination showing Christ’s genealogy going back to Abraham and you’ll find the double helixes of DNA incorporated into the work.

“There’s such a rich treasure in this Bible,” Larson said.

Along with its use in the Christmas in Christ Chapel services, six of the seven volumes were on display on campus for three days and one of the calligraphers spoke to Gustavus classes.

When Larson asked about getting a visit from the Bible, a St. John’s official didn’t hesitate.

“He said, ‘Hey, it’s meant to be shared,’” she said.

The Heritage Edition is also available for purchase, and it sounds like Larson wouldn’t mind seeing one of the 299 copies get a permanent home in St. Peter. But she laughed about the prospect because of the Heritage Edition’s $145,000 price tag: “So if you know any big donors . ...”

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