The Free Press, Mankato, MN

July 15, 2012

Co-op part of Eat Local Farm Tour

Special to The Free Press

ST PETER — The St. Peter Food Co-op is taking part in the second annual Eat Local Farm Tour, sponsored by the Twin Cities area food co-ops.

This year’s Meet Your Farmer tour encourages the general public to visit local farms on Saturday, July 21 and meet the people who make seasonal, fresh, local eating possible. Hands-on education about sustainable agriculture will be provided.

Last year, 11 Minnesota farms across four geographic regions within a 100 mile radius of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area took part in the tours and attracted over 500 attendees. This year many of the same farms will participate, and several new ones will join.

“The St. Peter Food Co-op and the rest of the Twin Cities area food co-ops have worked for decades to cultivate positive connections and relationships with local growers and producers,” said Jennifer Luhmann, of the St. Peter Co-op.

Josh Reinitz, owner of the East Henderson Farm in Henderson, is one of the farms on the tour. His Community Supported Agriculture farm is in its third year.

The farm supplies the co-op with a variety of certified organic vegetables. The  farm also sells livestock and some wild edibles.

More than 200 visited the farm last year.

“We were honestly quite humbled by the number of people who showed up and the deep interest attendees took in our efforts. A fair number of people who come out are interested in starting farms like ours, too, so it was a chance to show what a CSA farm actually looks like mid-summer,” Reinitz said.

All tours are self-guided and free. The hours of operation will differ from farm to farm. Look for a free, detailed guidebook complete with maps, hours, and tour activities at the St. Peter Food Co-op or online at