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July 8, 2013

Thoma column: If at first you don't succeed, you might be Chris Parmelee


But for that to work, he’s got to hit. Parmelee came into Sunday’s play hitting .241/.321/.405, about as high as it’s been all year. His OPS+, a stat that attempts to take park effects and other factors out of the raw numbers, says he’s been exactly league-average as a hitter. (Morneau, despite a much better batting average, is only slightly above average.)

That’s not good enough for a first baseman. First basemen (and corner outfielders) have to be well above average to stay in the lineup.

As the Twins lay their plans for 2014 and beyond, it’s not clear that either the veteran Morneau or the unproven Parmelee are particularly good bets to do that. Parmelee now has about a month to demonstrate otherwise.

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