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November 18, 2009

Weird News: Animals you didn't know existed

Among the species discovered recently in Papua New Guinea were tiny bear-like creatures, frogs with fangs, fish that grunt, kangaroos that live in trees, and what is probably the world’s largest rat (with no fear of humans). Scientists from Britain, the United States and Papua New Guinea announced the findings in September, among more than 40 new species from a jungle habitat a half-mile deep inside the centuries-dormant Mount Bosavi volcano crater.

Fine Points of British Law

An employment judge ruled in September that Tim Nicholson could use the “religion” claim for employment discrimination to sue the firm Grainger PLC, in Newcastle, even though the disputes he had with management were ostensibly just political — about his fear of global climate change. Judge David Sneath said he found Nicholson’s ecology convictions so sincere and all-encompassing that they amounted to religious beliefs.

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