The Cheers of coffee shops

With so many coffee shops in the Mankato area, the qualities that really make the Fillin’ Station stand out are variety, atmosphere, and great company.

“I kind of joke about how we’re the “Cheers” of coffee shops, where we know everyone’s name,” laughed manager Lindsay Schaeffer. “We know what they’re going to order; we know all their favorite things.”

The inside of the popular hot drinks hangout is specifically designed for that cozy, familial feeling. Bright 1970s colors mingle with comfy couches and board games strategically placed for study breaks – plus lots and lots of art, most of which is local talent.

The Fillin Station holds artistic and musical events year-round in their back parking lot. To the staff, coffee and creativity are natural partners.

“There seems to be this connection between coffee and artists,” said Schaeffer. “Whenever artists need to get a bunch of their creative work done, they always seem to come here, sprawl out, get comfy, and drink coffee for hours.”

Fortunately, the Fillin’ Station offers more than just your average mochas and cappuccinos. Besides a huge variety of flavors, including year-round “seasonal” choices like peppermint and more exotic choices like lavender, rose, and blood orange, the coffee shop has a tasty nitro brew and a rotating selection of in-house baked goods.

Owner Jeff Palmer is proud of his team of coffee connoisseurs, who make each and every drink a carefully crafted work of art and whose customer service is second to none.

“I’m old-fashioned: the customer is right no matter what,” Palmer said. “I’ve always had that theory. The customers’ needs come first.”

“My baristas are all very, very consistent when they mix their lattes and their mochas,” said Palmer. “It doesn’t matter who is waiting on you; the consistency is the same in the drinks and the food.”

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