When you want to start a fitness regimen, gain increased flexibility, or sign up for a marathon, many residents of Mankato say that you can’t go wrong turning to JP Fitness.

Tom Hagen has been a member of JP Fitness almost since the gym and training facility opened in January of 2017. His initial conversation with owner Jon Jamieson won him over, as did the variety of equipment offered and the gym’s overall cleanliness.

“I would literally eat off the floor and have no problems with it,” Hagen said. “It’s pristine.”

A frequent gym attendee, Hagen also praised the individual attention that Jamieson and his staff of 14 trainers and fitness professionals offer. Unlike a typical fitness chain, JP Fitness focuses on working with clients one-on-one in order to fine-tune a personalized program that will help each person work toward his or her wellness goals.

In 2021, Hagen decided to register for a half IronMan to check an ambition off of his bucket list. He said that Jamieson personally put together a workable fitness program to get him ready for the grueling triathlon.

“We wanted to offer more of a personalized experience,” Jamieson said about JP Fitness’s business model. “I like this setting because people for the most part are still capable of pushing their limits and can also kind of change their habits to help influence a healthier lifestyle for themselves.”

A second location

Since 2017, the number of JP Fitness’s members has increased to the point where its team has decided to open a second satellite location in Mankato. Jamieson purchased the former Anytime Fitness building at 1751 North Victory Drive and has been hard at work preparing it for its soft opening in mid-May.

The new JP Fitness: 24/7 is meant to mesh with the services offered at its parent site. As its name implies, the new studio will have a total-access schedule. Members can enter anytime to work out at their own pace. Although being signed up at the original gym isn’t a prerequisite for using the new location, JP Fitness will be a convenient spot for JP Fitness members to put the personalized training they’ve received to good use.

“I live in the area, so I’m extremely excited to go there,” Hagen said, adding that he’s looking forward to fitting in a few quick workouts during lunch breaks and other pockets of free time. “It’s easy to get to Madison East, but this is literally across the street (from home).”

Jamieson’s wife Kelly, JP Fitness 24/7’s manager, said that location was a primary factor in choosing the new site.

“There’s a great community (near the new site) with lots of young professionals, families, and even older adults, and for them it’s super important that they have convenience in their workout,” Kelly said. “I have kids and I know what it’s like to be busy, so if it (a gym) is not close by, it becomes something that’s not a priority in your life.”

The new center will be stocked with a wide range of equipment to meet the needs of its members. In addition to isolated strength equipment, visitors will find treadmills, climbing mills, stair steppers, exercise bikes, ellipticals and more.

“We’ll have a couple of pieces that are unique to Mankato and also to our Madison East location,” said Jamieson. “They’ll complement each other well.”

In addition to machines, JP Fitness 24/7 will provide other amenities. Towel service will be included in the membership fee, and fitness enthusiasts can relax in the on-site tanning room after their workouts.

In contrast to its parent gym’s focus on guided training, the satellite studio’s workouts will be exclusively self-driven. Kelly is currently slated to be the sole staff member on site and will be available to meet with new members, answer questions, and provide resources.

For Jamieson, seeing community members commit to living healthier lifestyles by frequenting a workout facility is a reward in and of itself. The new location will be another tool to help his fellow Mankato residents live active lives on their own terms.

“You always hear about regulars of a restaurant or regulars of a bar, and, in my opinion, being regulars of a gym is important for everyone’s health,” said Jamieson.

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