Elton Hayes and Kevin Brockway break down the March Madness bubble teams in the Big Ten; Clay Horning talks about the chances of Gonzaga going undefeated and the next Michael Phelps; and Bill Burt and George Bremer discuss life without the NFL Combine. Read more

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Longtime International Ice Racing Association of Minnesota member Dee Pendergast gives Free Press staff writer Kristine Goodrich a ride on Madison Lake. Read more

Elton Hayes and Kevin Brockway discuss the status of the Big Ten as the Big Dance nears; Clay Horning suggests a new format for college wrestling and reflects on the Daytona 500; George Bremer and Bill Burt talk about the quarterback carousel in the NFL. Read more

Go There heads to Wuhan, China one year after the city went into lockdown to try and contain the spread of Covid-19. Life has begun to return to normal in the city, but some who have lost loved ones to the virus are looking for answers and have accused the government of covering up the sever… Read more

Ahead of a House vote to strip freshman GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's from her congressional assignments, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN's Manu Raju that if any Democratic lawmakers threatened the safety of other members, she would not hesitate to strip them of committee assignments. Read more

A new study reveals most people infected with COVID-19 keep some antibodies to the virus for at least six months. Researchers from UK Biobank measured levels of previous infection in more than 20,000 patients. They found 99 percent of patients who had tested positive for COVID-19 retained an… Read more

President Joe Biden signed a raft of executive actions on climate change while comparing the crisis to the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports the executive actions will integrate climate change into virtually every level of the federal government. Read more

It is impossible to ignore how unique and historic this year has been. The global COVID-19 pandemic altered our lives in many ways. One thing that hasn't changed is the role I play at The Free Press to visually document the history that surrounds us every day. These are some of my favorite i… Read more

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