MANKATO — Voters can start casting ballots for the general election on Friday, the first day of early voting.

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Elections administrator Michael Stalberger said the most important thing for voters to keep in mind is that they need to go to their home county elections office, which they can find on the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website.

If voters are not registered, they can do so in person by showing proof of residence.

Voting will also look different during the early voting process than it will on Election Day, Stalberger said.

“This time in the process is going to be for envelope-based absentee voting, which means they’ll check in with us. They’ll fill out an application to request the ballot. Then it goes inside a multi-envelope packet so that we can keep it secure until we’re ready to start processing, which can’t happen until seven days before,” he said.

For most elections, absentee voting locations must be open during their normal business hours.

Registered voters who live in a mail ballot precinct will automatically get a ballot mailed to them.

For those who don’t, to vote by mail, voters can apply to have an absentee ballot mailed to them through the Secretary of State’s website.

“If folks want to vote from home, then they do need to request that ballot either in-person at our office or online, and those ballots will start getting mailed out on Monday,” Stalberger said.

If people want to bring in a mail-in ballot back in person, they need to be brought to the county elections office.

Voters can also drop off ballots for up to three other voters. They will need to show identification with name and signature when returning a ballot for someone else, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

The last day to vote early in-person will be Nov. 7.

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