Fantasy Maid

Laura Nusser started Fantasy Maid Services a few months ago offering lingerie, topless and nude house cleaning to area clients. Photo by Pat Christman

EAGLE LAKE — A new business offers a thorough house cleaning with a generous dose of the erotic.

"It's like having a stripper at your house, but they clean," said Laura Nusser, who started Fantasy Maid Services a few months ago. Since then, the Eagle Lake woman and a few friends have been getting a steady stream of business, cleaning homes in lingerie, topless or nude.

First question: So, do you actually do any cleaning?

"There's people who want the cleaning more than the nakedness. I cleaned for a guy a few times and then he called and said, 'I have a girlfriend now. But can you still come and clean with your clothes on?'"

Second question: This is a front for prostitution, right?

"There's people who want to push it to the illegal stuff, but we don't do that. I put it in the ads and tell them when they call that there's no prostitution but some still think there is," she said. "I always get called to come back again, except for the guys who wanted sex — they don't call again. This is a nice alternative to prostitution."

When she learned about similar businesses around the country and started checking into it, she said she contacted an area law enforcement detective who often does prostitution stings to find out what is and isn't allowed. "You can't touch each other. You can touch yourself all you want but not each other," she said.

"I got a tax ID number, I report all my income. It's good money." She advertises on Craigslist and through fliers.

Lingerie cleaning is $60 an hour, while topless is $90. The maids also earn some tips and Nusser said they average around $125 an hour.

"I think a lot of guys are scared to do it because they think it's illegal, but it's not."

And, she admits, there are some clients with reasons to want discretion. "There are some guys who have us clean during the day when their wife is gone."

Nusser said they focus on safety in a few ways. Another clothed woman who also cleans comes with, and she lets someone else know where she will be and that they will get a call from her at a specific time to let them know she feels comfortable and safe. She will go alone to some repeat customers she feels comfortable with.

Damien, a customer from New Ulm who asked that his last name not be used, said he's used the service three times.

"She's very nice, a cool person. She does a very good cleaning job and she's a beautiful woman and that's what you're looking for in this type of thing."

He said she's always come to his place with another person with her.

He said that while he has no problem with the type of business, he knows some would disagree.

"It's not a bad thing. I tell some of my friends but it's one of those things you don't tell everybody. I've recommended her to people."

Clients, she said, range from college-age guys to men in their 70s. She frequently travels to area communities, into Iowa and the Twin Cities. "There's a lot (of customers) in Wisconsin. I'm not sure why. Not as many right in Mankato, though." She gets paid gas money for longer trips.

"I meet a lot of cool people. There's a pilot and programmer in the Cities. There are farmers and a college guy who lives in his parents' basement."

Nusser has some male friends who are interested in being fantasy cleaners themselves, either for women or gay men. But so far, she said, they haven't been in demand.

Nusser, uninhibited and an easy conversationalist, said customers seem to feel quickly at ease.

"I tell them, I have other girls who do this, too, strippers with a lot better body than mine. I have a bunch of kids. But a lot of them call me back. I think I'm really good at talking to people."

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