Three more music events — one with roots nearly a century old, the other a popular blues event in lower North Mankato, the third a relative newcomer to the music scene — have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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You show up at the ball field early, and the only things keeping you company are the backstop, its gray links heroically keeping foul tips from caroming off mom’s head, the worn benches that nicely accommodate a dozen little league fannies, the green, freshly-mowed grass of the infield and, …

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We needed some drywall stuff the other day to fix up our wall. The wallpaper — which once barely hung on to its life on the wall — was ripped off one night a few years ago.

It’s probably safe to say we have maxed out on bingeing through our favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu. There are only so many times that you can re-watch “The Office” and “The X-Files” (or maybe that’s just us). Or circling through the streaming services over and over again for hours until y…

(This revised version corrects the day a living history presenter will be at Le Center Sportsmen Club).

Everyone’s been adjusting to the “new normal.” People are working remotely. The streets are mostly empty and stores — the ones allowed to be open — are filled with masked patrons.

It’s not a great photo. A little grainy. I was too far away. But when I saw it this morning, it didn’t really matter to me how good or bad it was. What mattered was that it happened.

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Last mid-September, I stepped outside for a moment to glance at the stars in Fairmont. The wind was warm and hit my face as I tried to orient myself in the sky.

Bank supports financial literacy bee

NORTH MANKATO — On first glance, the guitars, banjos and other stringed instruments at Ouren Instruments in North Mankato feel like any collection you would see at a typical music store. The difference? Owner Eric Ouren made and refurbished nearly all of them at his home studio in Kasota.

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In high school, I was awarded with one the best titles: “Most Sarcastic.”

I got into journalism because I thought I could make a difference. I wanted to right wrongs, fight for the little guy, root out government corruption, dig deep into conspiracies and cover-ups. I knew it would never really be a lucrative career, but I didn’t care. I wanted my work to have pur…