Brian Regan

Stand-up comedian Brian Regan performs Nov. 17 in Mankato.

Brian Regan’s appearance in Mankato, he joked, was the lesser of two evils.

“The judge said I could either do 20 years in jail or do a show in Mankato,” comedian Brian Regan said.

Don’t worry. He’s just kidding. Well, except about the show part.

As part of his non-stop theater tour, Regan will be visiting close to 100 cities each year, and Mankato is one of them.

Regan has performed everywhere from Radio City Music Hall to The Beacon Theater, and is stopping all over the United States in cities big and small to perform his comedy act.

“It’s me on stage with a microphone in my hand sharing how I view the world with a bunch of people,” Regan said.

Regan’s humor is, for the most part, good, clean fun.

“Sometimes I see things in a bizarre way. It’s a good way to feel like you’re not alone in the world. When people laugh with you at something it is like making a human connection,” Regan said.

That human connection is important to him.

“(The best part about performing is) the honesty of the connection. People don’t fake laugh. Well they do, but on stage you can tell. When you make somebody laugh you can trust that connection.” Regan said.

He does his comedy on whatever interests him in his life.

“I’m always working on a new hour of material for specials. I’m doing a lot of material that will be on my next Netflix special. I touch on me having OCD, I touch on crime, I touch on politics, I touch on sports,” Regan said.

It’s all just thoughts about normal subjects that cross his mind and make him laugh.

His comedy has taken him to some interesting places. In total he has seven hour-long comedy specials, some of which are on Netflix.

“Nunchucks and Flamethrowers,” is his most recent Netflix special. It is the first special in a two-part deal with Netflix. The second of the two specials will be coming out in 2020.

Later this year, Regan will reprise his role in the third season of a TV series known as, “Loudermilk,” where Regan plays an addict who has become estranged from his family.

Regan is especially happy with this new series where he gets to work as an actor.

He didn’t get all of these big specials right away though. His comedy career began much on a smaller stage.

“I was in college. I took a speech class, and I wanted my speeches to be funny, and after I would get the class and the teacher laughing, I felt good.” Regan said.

One day he was leaving class and he realized how much he loved that feeling and wanted it to continue. He didn’t get that feeling from anything else he did.

“I stopped college and I started doing comedy right out of college. I wanted to give comedy a shot,” Regan said.

He eventually became successful and then went back to school to finish his degree. Regan now has a degree in communication and theater arts. Actually, his college even surprised him with something else.

“My college gave me an honorary doctorate. I’m a doctor of humane letters, and I’m the only doctor in the world that doesn’t know what he’s a doctor of,” Regan joked.

Since then, he has been able to perform in many iconic theaters and attracts large audiences, and for good reason.

“If people like music, dancing and comedy come on out because I offer one-third of that,” Regan joked. “I’m very fortunate to be able to do stand up comedy. I would pay to do it, and the fact that they pay me to do it, I feel like I’m getting a scam out of it.”

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