This is Diana Rojo-Garcia’s dog, Bandit. He posed for a sweet potato treat because he’s a good boy.

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Being stuck at home isn’t so bad when our pets are there to keep us company and demanding we pet them.

What else is there to do, anyway? Might as well put that Skype meeting on hold and submit to giving all the love and attention to those wonderful animals who unconditionally love us.

They’re always there for us, even when they’ve seen us ugly cry to “Sleepless in Seattle” one too many times and they endure the long photo shoots for our social media. It’s only natural — we want to show off our fur (or scaly) babies.

Well, let’s give them a bigger platform and let us see them, too!

Mankato Magazine wants to feature your pets. Send them all in: cats, dogs, horses, lizards, fish, ferrets, bunnies, rats, tarantulas or whatever else makes you happy.

Just a couple requirements to get your pet featured:

• Let us know your name (obviously), where you’re from and what your pet’s name is.

• In order to truly honor your pet, make sure the photos you send are high resolution (most smartphone pictures should work.) JPGs only please!

■ Lastly, send your pictures to by April 29.

Easy as that. So ... send us your pets! I’ll start by featuring my dog, Bandit (pictured).

Now, your turn.

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