Musician Mariénne Kreitlow is known for the many parts of her creative mind.

She has a lot of different genres of music and also many seasonal songs.

When she got back to Minnesota a while back, the first thing she did was create a CD full of music to help get people through the winter season.

The CD is not just the holidays, but for every other part of winter that is often forgotten.

This creativity and drive to continue with her work has pushed her to become a songwriter, composer, performer, poet and playwright.

Through this work Kreitlow is able to weave together many art forms, including that of her friend Kim Kotila and her own poetry in an upcoming concert in Mankato Saturday.

“I met her about a year and a half ago and it turns out she does these bronze cast sculptures, and she’s going to bring some of them,” Kreitlow said.

Kreitlow was often inspired by Kotila’s works, and even noticed that some them paired well with her own, including a sculpture Kotila made of a man falling off his horse; Kreitlow has a song that mentions a man falling a horse.

The connection was there. It was up to Kreitlow to somehow pair them together. And she did.

“I’m going to really highlight Kim’s sculptures as I go into a song, and I’m also going to incorporate some poetry,” Kreitlow said.

Kreitlow will be doing one of the things she does best: weaving together different pieces to make a fun and unique night with a variety of art for everyone to enjoy, whether it be audio or visual.

Despite all of this creativity, the question still stands.

Kreitlow is weaving all of these things together, but what is her music like? How will these things fit together so well?

Kotila has the perfect answer to that: There’s no way to describe her music, but we can try.

“It is so rich and she takes from so many sub-disciplines of music,” she said.

She’s also a confident and strong performer, probably from her musical theater background.

Kreitlow creates a lot of material for musical theater. She says she’s noticed the drama she sees so much in musical theater has always been a part of her and has always been a part of her music — even with her more folky background.

As for connecting her songs to Kotila’s sculptures and her poetry, she says a few factors make it easier.

The first is that the poetry is her own. The second is that Kotila’s sculptures are often moments of action. Kotila refers to them as “motion emotion.”

They include everything from a skier falling head over heels, tango dancers mid-spin, a refugee fleeing and more.

This concert should be a unique evening with the sculptures, poetry and everything else she plans to sprinkle in through song.

“I do a lot of performances throughout the year in churches and at places with a particular focus,” Kreitlow said. “And with this (concert) I get to spread my wings and really create a show from start to finish.”

This is one of those opportunities in which Kreitlow gets to do everything she’d like and perform whatever songs she wants. No need to fret as she has plenty to choose from with her multiple albums of music to work with.

Kreitlow started writing when she was young, kind of when that whole folk craze was going on.

“I just love writing and I love words and I love to evoke emotions,” she said.

She continues to do that through her music as she feels responsible for continuing to create high level work.

One of the biggest things that she is excited for with this concert is being able to connect with the audience in Mankato.

“I want to bring them deep inside themselves. I want them to have different experiences deep within themselves,” Kreitlow said.

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