MANKATO — A Michigan man allegedly placed GPS trackers on the car of a Mankato woman he knows before he was caught with a loaded gun, electrical tape and other suspicious items. 

Shawn Kelly Thomason, 39, of Hazel Park, Michigan, was charged with felony and gross misdemeanor counts of stalking, gross misdemeanor installing a tracking device without a court order and misdemeanor domestic assault Monday in Blue Earth County District Court.

A woman reported she was in her car outside her Mankato home Thursday night when Thomason drove up, blocked her in and tried to open her car door. Thomason reportedly fled when other residents came outside. The woman told police she had recently moved to Mankato and had cut off all contact with Thomason and did not give him her new address.

Police officers found two GPS tracking devices attached to the woman's car, according to a court complaint. The battery on one of the trackers was dead and the other appeared to have been placed recently.

Thomason was located outside a St. Peter motel Friday morning and arrested. He allegedly admitted to placing the trackers during his current trip and a recent prior trip to Mankato from his home nearly 11 hours away.

He reportedly told police he was upset the woman had ended their relationship after he bought her the car.

Thomason admitted he drove his own vehicle for most of the trip but rented vehicles to drive while in Mankato.

Inside the vehicle Thomason was in on Friday, investigators found a loaded handgun he had legally purchased in Michigan in November, as well as three ammunition magazines.

Authorities also reportedly found suspicious items including electrical tape, several pairs of gloves, video cameras and a voice recorder, and a bag with women's clothing and toiletries.

They reportedly found four cellphones, three of which were encased in aluminum foil in what authorities suspect was an attempt to block them from accessing the phones' locations to find Thomason.

They also reportedly found a several-page document in which Thomason appeared to have written out practice conversations with the Mankato woman about their relationship.

The document reportedly included lines such as “You will honor your commitment” and “People get shot over things like this.”

“The tone of it appears to get more and more angry as it nears the end,” according to authorities in the court complaint.

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