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Q: I have been eagerly awaiting the chance to watch “This is Us” live over the air since KEYC-TV announced it will begin broadcasting the NBC and CW networks in September. It’s now October and still no “This is Us.” What’s the deal?


Too cheap to subscribe to cable

A: Ask Us Guy, who’s a bit out of touch with popular culture, doesn’t know what “This Is Us” is. But he does remember the story from earlier this year that KEYC was preparing to add two more channels to its CBS and FOX offerings.

“I don’t have a definite date,” said Ed Woloszyn, general manager of KEYC. “That’s only because any little thing can throw it off ... .”

Equipment needs to be added 1,000 feet in the air at KEYC’s tower, more is required in the master control room at the KEYC studio, and some staff training will be necessary.

Woloszyn, who’s pleased he already has one guaranteed viewer waiting to watch NBC, said he was confident the peacock and CW will be traveling over the airways for free sometime this month. And he was willing to say it won’t be the very, very end of the month.

“I feel real confident that by Thanksgiving, people will have new channels in this market,” he said.

So, even without cable, the cheap reader will be able to see all three Turkey Day NFL games: Bears v. Lions at 11:30 a.m. on FOX, Bills v. Cowboys at 3:30 p.m. on CBS, and Saints vs. Falcons at 8:20 p.m. on NBC.

Well, there is one caveat. Because of the valleys and ravines and other topographical features of the Mankato area, Woloszyn said he can’t guarantee every TV in every home will get clear reception from the over-the-air stations unless they invest in an antenna. He suggested talking to the experts at local stores that sell televisions and other electronic equipment.

“For the most part, if they’ve got a decent antenna pointed in the right direction, they should be able to get our channels,” he said.

By the way, Ask Us Guy wondered if maybe KEYC would target ABC as its next offering. Woloszyn said that’s not likely because of anti-monopoly regulations.

Q: Several years ago an organization gave a SHERO award. I just am trying to find out what the letters stand for ... Something like “She Helps Everyone ??? Opportunity.”

Thank you.

A: The organization was the Mankato YWCA, and the award debuted in 2012, according to a Free Press story the following year.

The reader was on the right track regarding the acronym. SHERO stood for “She Helps Everyone Realize Opportunities,” and the awards recognized women who “make significant positive impact on this community every day.”

The awards weren’t really a competitive process. Instead, pretty much all of the women nominated were honored with a visit from the YWCA’s Persimmon Women Committee, were publicly acknowledged on the organization’s website and mentioned at a pair of YWCA events. Winners also received a commemorative embroidered scarf.

One winner, Maureen Nowak, told The Free Press that she thought the awards were a nice counterbalance to all the negativity in the world.

“I think there should be more of that,” Nowak said. “We certainly have enough of the opposite.”

The SHERO Award later faded away, with it last being mentioned on the YWCA Facebook page in 2016.

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