A large North Mankato day care center, which has been highlighted as an asset to the city’s industrial park, has received an eviction notice from the owner of its building.

Craig Theuninck, who built the building, is asking for a court order to evict Beans Plus for failing to pay rent.

Theuninck received a $300,000 low-interest loan from the North Mankato Port Authority and 15 years of tax abatement, worth roughly $75,000, from the city of North Mankato to build the building at 2101 Rolling Green Lane.

The purpose of the loan and tax abatement was to build a multi-million dollar building, which includes a 6,600-square-foot gymnasium and a full kitchen, that would be used as a day care center.

Theuninck said, even though he has not been receiving the full amount of rent for the building, he has kept up on his payments to the Port Authority.

 Wendell Sande, North Mankato city administrator and Port Authority executive vice president, has been told about the eviction, Theuninck said.

He said he has also told Sande that he plans to open another day care quickly if a Nicollet County District Court judge issues an eviction order. Notice has been sent to the owner of Beans Plus, Bernadette Wilson, that an eviction hearing has been scheduled for next week.

“The Port Authority knows our situation with her and they know our intent right now,” Theuninck said. “Our intent on a successful eviction will be to open another day care. We would do that immediately once awarded a successful eviction.”

The civil lawsuit Theuninck filed last week claims Wilson was about $325,000 behind on her rent a year ago, or about 18 months after the day care opened in the summer of 2009. It also claims she owes another $26,000 for an office she rents in the building for her accounting business.

Theuninck agreed to adjust the lease once to help Wilson pay what she owed in back rent, according to court records. The new lease said she would be required to pay $19,000 per month, or $228,000 per year, for rent. Wilson also was required to make varying monthly payments of between $1,000 and $2,750 to pay back rent.

Wilson said she was working on another lease agreement with Theuninck and doesn’t believe a judge will issue an eviction notice. She said she has told the parents of children in the day care about the lease problems.

“Beans Plus is disappointed that Mr. Theuninck is using the court system as a negotiating tool in discussions with Beans Plus on leasehold issues,” Wilson said in a written statement. “To continue to provide the level of services necessary to meet the needs of the children and families we service, Beans Plus has been actively working to address its space issues.”

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