MANKATO — A woman who stabbed a man in the back said she met him online and got scared when he refused to leave her Mankato residence after sex, charges allege.

Tywanda Lorraine Johnson, 22, was charged with felony assault with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor theft Monday in Blue Earth County District Court.

According to the court complaint:

A man called Mankato police from a hallway at Rosa Place apartments on Timberwolf Drive Saturday afternoon. An officer found a man with a 1-inch-long stab wound to his back that was oozing blood.

While they waited for an ambulance, the man said he met Johnson on a dating app and he took a shower in her apartment before he expected they were going to have sex. As he was drying off, the man said Johnson started yelling at him to get out.

She then picked up a dining room chair and tried to hit him with it, he said. She then said she was going to get a knife if he did not leave immediately. While he was collecting his belongings, the man said Johnson came at him with a knife. He said he grabbed her wrist, shoved her aside and grabbed his bag. As he was leaving, he said Johnson stabbed him in the back.

He was naked and when he got dressed in the hallway he discovered that about $160 was missing from his pants pockets.

Johnson also told the officer they met on a dating app, she invited him over for sex and he took a shower. Her story deviated from his about what happened next.

She said they had a sexual encounter and then got into an argument. She said he refused to leave and grabbed, pushed and pulled at her. She tried to hit him with a chair but he grabbed the chair from her and hit her with it on the arm.

She said she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the man because she was scared of him. He then grabbed his belongings and left, she said.

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