Felony drug dealing and aiding an offender charges have been filed against three men who reported they had been threatened by a man with a gun in a college dorm last month.

Two of the men, 19-year-old Aaron Ruben Davies and 19-year-old Matthew Thomas Boris, are Minnesota State University students who live in Gage Tower B. The third man, 18-year-old Eric Donald Kluver of Arlington, has a warrant for his arrest.

Two people had reported being threatened by a man with a gun when MSU security reported Davies, Boris and Kluver also were victims of the threats. When an officer spoke with the men, Boris and Kluver said they were in Boris’ room on the ninth floor of the tower before they decided to go up to Davies’ 11th-floor room.

All three men said they were confronted by the suspect, who they said was attempting to steal an Xbox, when they returned to Boris’ room. Davies said the suspect threatened him with a gun after he chased the suspect down the hall.

Another man living in the dorm said the suspect broke into his room and demanded to use his cellphone. Investigators were able to track the cellphone of the person the suspect called, which led them to St. Paul. David Quentrell McClain, 19, of St. Paul, was charged with first-degree robbery and second-degree assault.

Several other witnesses who were interviewed by Mankato detectives said McClain had traveled to Mankato to buy marijuana, according to the criminal complaints. He paid someone $30 to drive him to Mankato, then met with acquaintances at the Kwik Trip near campus to arrange to buy the pot.

Those acquaintances told investigators they went to Boris’ room and were provided a one-ounce bag of marijuana by Davies. They said they

didn’t know McClain planned to run from the room without paying for the marijuana, and also said they didn’t know he had a gun. The acquaintances said they made up the story about the Xbox being stolen — which is what got Boris, Kluver and Davies involved — because they didn’t want to tell security about the drugs.

When McClain was interviewed after his arrest, he allegedly admitted to taking one of several bags of marijuana from the dorm room. He told investigators he saw a grocery bag full of pot in the room.

The complaints don’t make reference to any marijuana being recovered.

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