Crystal skulls. Paranormal investigators. All-natural healing products. Psychic readings.

These exotic products and services were on display at the Mankato Natural Healing & Psychic Expo, which was held Saturday and Sunday at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel & Event Center.

Organizer Val Curtis said she brought in 40 different vendors to provide area residents with alternative healing options that can be difficult to find in southern Minnesota. She said she picked the expo approach because people prefer person-to-person interactions when selecting these products.

She said approximately 1,000 people attended the expo over the weekend.

“We’re trying to take science and combine it with a little bit of faith,” Curtis said. “We want to help people find healing, whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual.”

Mankato residents Sharee Hennessey and Sara Barna participated in a session with the Minneapolis-based professional psychic duo Eric Earll and Bert Allen. The two men run 2 Guys In The Know, which offers psychic and spiritual healing services.

Hennessey and Barna said Sunday was their first time attending the expo. Barna said it was also her first psychic reading. They said they picked the event because they like finding unique activities.

Hennessey said she found the psychic reading helpful.

“It’s nice to get some information on the future and some help with the hard questions you’ve been thinking about,” Hennessey said.

Earll and Allen said they started their service a year ago. They said that being a professional psychic is an exciting profession that offers different challenges from day to day.

“We get more out of it than the people across the table,” Earll said. “(This job) is something that chooses you. We got a strong message (to start this profession) from our spirit animals, from our angels.”

The duo can be reached at

The service booths at the expo claimed they could provide a variety of healing options for spiritual needs, psychological trauma or physical diseases.

One unique service booth was hosted by Adrian Lee, a paranormal investigator and author based out of Windom. He also provides Tarot card readings and Reiki Healing, a Japanese stress reduction and healing technique.

Lee authored the book “Mysterious Minnesota,” which combines historical research with his paranormal investigations of Minnesota sites. He said he obtains information beyond historical records by speaking with the dead at the locations he visits. He claimed he has been able to find historical documentation that supports everything he gleans from talking to spirits. His book tackles many iconic Minnesota locations, including the Minneapolis City Hall and Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul.

“I have a very interesting job. I get to talk with dead people, perform research and spend a great deal of my time in dank basements,” Lee said.

Lee said he enjoyed visiting Mankato and plans to attend future expos. He can be reached at

Other types of products offered at the expo were Brazillian healing crystals and energy rocks by Minas Gerais Krustallos, which is run by Ill.-based owner Wellington Ferreira.

He said the crystals allegedly help people reduce body pain and improve their meditation abilities. The crystals were offered in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including in large globe shapes and skull shapes.

The remaining booths at the expo offered a variety of all-natural products from lotions to aromatherapy products to specially infused water.

The expo is held twice a year in Mankato. The next expo will be held Nov. 15 and Nov. 16.

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