MANKATO — Authorities still are investigating Evelyn Adams' beating death. A 911 transcript reveals she was asleep when she was attacked and was frightened intruders were still in her basement when she called for help.

Blue Earth County Sheriff Capt. Paul Barta said Monday the case remains under active investigation but he is “confident” it will be solved.

“We are still actively working with the sincere focus on getting answers for the family,” he said.

Sheriff's Office officials have released few details about the Feb. 23 home invasion and assault that turned fatal.

A neighbor called 911 and reported seeing a suspicious male or possibly two males outside Adams' house on Union Street, Barta said in March.

A deputy's response was delayed by a severe snowstorm. Over 20 minutes later Adams called 911 and said she had been assaulted by someone unknown.

Adams' injuries did not appear to be life-threatening at that time, but she died at the Mankato hospital a few days later.

Transcripts of the 911 calls made by Adams and her neighbor provide some more clues about what happened.

The Sheriff's Office released the transcripts to The Free Press upon request, although portions have been redacted.

The neighbor, who has not been identified, called authorities at 10:50 p.m. and reported hearing “three really loud bangs — like someone's trying to break down a door.”

Around 10 minutes later, the neighbor saw someone come out of Adams' house, go back in and come out again “with an armful of stuff” and get into a car and leave. Before calling 911, the neighbor went to Adams' house and knocked on the door but no one answered.

“I wasn't sure if it was an emergency. I just figured I'd call it in,” the neighbor told the dispatcher.

Adams called 911 at 11:14 p.m.

“I need someone to come out and help me immediately,” she told the dispatcher. “Somebody must have come into my house.”

Adams, 76, said she was bleeding but did not need an ambulance.

“I just need somebody to come and search my house,” she said. “Somebody must have broke in and I got blood all over the place and I just need somebody out here to help me.”

She did not hear or see anyone come into her house or know how someone could have gotten inside, she said. She was asleep and woke up covered in blood that she believed was coming from her nose.

Some redacted portions of the transcript appear to omit Adams' name and address and information about her family.

Other redactions appear to be statements she made about the intruder or intruders.

After one redacted segment, Adams said: “And I don't know if whoever came in if they are in the basement.” More words are redacted before she said she would not go to the basement because she was “scared to death.”

It is not clear from the redacted transcript whether she saw or heard anyone inside her house, or if she believed there was a single or multiple intruders.

Multiple times she said she did not know who came into her home.

Nothing appeared to be missing from the residence, she said.

The 911 call ended at 11:26 p.m. after a deputy arrived at Adams' house. 

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